Selenium is a mineral which can be obtained from plants and certain meat high in it and highly effective in acne prevention,it can  also be supplemented.Selenium acts in synergy with Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant to boost its activity in acne prevention and treatment.This it does by enhancing the absorption of Vitamin E which potentially resides in the skin where it can absorb free radicals hence the current interest in selenium and acne prevention.

Oxidation of lipids in the body by oxygen is inhibited by Vitamin E which hence helps to alleviate tissue irritation and inflammation(the hallmark of acne pathogenesis).Current clinical opinion suggests that selenium should be taken together with Vits E and A for optimum acne prevention and treatment.Glutathione peroxidase, a detoxifying enzyme which stabilizes the antioxdant properties of selenium have been clinically proven to be low in adult male acne patients.

Derivatives of selenium suppress the immune system that causes allergic reactions but potentiates the immune response against bacteria.The production of selenoproteins by selenium which prevents cellular damage from free radicals is enhanced in conjunction with Vits A and E.The anti- cancer properties of selenium have been well documented.

The Hormone Research Center have stressed the useful role of selenium in other inflammatory conditions like; rheumatoid arthritis,systemic lupus erythematosis and gingivitis.Compounds of this trace element have been known to moderate degardation of thyroid hormones into components that do not worsen acne.The recommended daily intake for selenium is 55mcg but for acne supplementation 200-400mcg has been recommended.The organic form from yeast is best for treating acne but should be used with caution having been noticed to reduced Vit C absorption if taken concomitantly.

Daily dosage must not exceed 400mcg which will constitute overdosage with notable signs like; nausea,depression,anxiety,hair loss,irritability,fatigue,hyper-reflexia.Blackening,horizontal streaking and fragility of the nails are equally warning signs.Vit E forms like tocopherol and tocotrienols taken in versatile combinations with Vit A and selenium present a potent force for acne that has reached the pustular stage.

Sources of Selenium;tuna,cod,meat,grains,nuts,mushroom,garlic,orange juice and shellfish