A  major culprit in the pathogenesis of acne is hormonal imbalance which can be ameliorated by taking the right amount of nutrients,like acne-prevention vitamins.Since diseases are manifestations of emotional,chemical,biological and mental instabilities,safe acne treatment should approach the patient in a holistic that will address these imbalances.

Scientifically evident,poor diets and deficiencies in vitamins and minerals have been implicated in the pathogenesis of acne.Relatedly,the American Academy of Dermatology posits that  “A healthy diet is important for improving raw materials for healthy skin”

Acne Prevention and Vitamin A

This lipid-soluble antioxidant has been revealed through Biochemical research as a strong link between decrease in plasma vitamin A and increase in severity of acne condition.Patients with severe acne had significantly lower plasma concentrations of vitamin A thus suggesting that low vitamin A have important role in the pathogenesis of acne and acne-related skin lesions.A daily dose of vitamin A 600micrograms has been recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology which also reported that Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin and eyes.Vitamin A controls secretions of the sebaceous glands and reduces  the size of the epidermal cells exfoliated thus facilitating skin regeneration and prevents scarring but note that epidermal abnormalities may result from over-use of vitamin A

Sources of vitamin A :

carrots,lettuce,sweet potatoes,spinach,parsley,soybeans,romaine,lentils,kale,cantaloupe,green onions,eggplants. A daily dose of 10,000 IU is required to combat acne.Do not exceed 5000 IU in pregnancy.

Acne prevention and Vitamin B Complex

Skin inflammation have been scientifically proven to result from B6 deficiency.Vits B1,B2 and B12 provide stress relief,similarly Vit B3 has potent anti-inflammatory effect on the skin leading to cholesterol reduction,improves metabolism and circulation thereby improving acne severity.Vit A is more effective in the presence of Vit B2 which converts vit A to its active and non-toxic form.

Clinical signs of Vit B deficiency are more apparent in the elderly and alcoholics due to poor dietary habits.The collective effort of the B complex vitamins helps alleviate stress,maintain healthy skin and lessen anxiety.

Antioxidant effects,circulation and proper digestion are mediated by thiamine.Vitamin B2 is required for healthy skin,hair and nails,vitamin B3 also possess similar properties.Deficiencies of niacinamide and riboflavin lead to acne development.Vitamin B5(pantothenic acid) have potent antistress effects.

Pyridoxine or Vit B5 is an immune booster equally found useful in protecting glutathione peroxidase which maintains prostaglandins.Research shows significant acne breakdown during prostaglandin malfunction.Vit B5 also potentiates the secretion of cortisone and other adrenal hormones.By possesing an anti-stress factor,it protects against physical and mental stress and toxins while also preventing pre-mature aging.Sources of Vit B5 are:yeast,liver,eggs,split peas,mushrooms, and soya beans.Vit B6 have also been found useful premenstrual or cyclic flares of acne.

Sources:Lentils,beans,raw foods and vegetables.

Acne prevention and Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant which protects the skin against the effects of free radicals,it is a vital in the fight against acne.It also helps with the absorption of Vit A.Daily required dose is 400IU.Free radicals,peroxides and other harmful agents generated during cellular metabolism are eliminated by Vit E in conjunction with Vit c,selenium,and B-carotene thus maintaining healthy skin.Deficiency of Vit E results in dry skin,easy bruising,hot flashes,poor wound healing and pms.Vit E also protects the skin against excess uv radiation especially if you tan.Recommended daily dose is 400IU.Sources are brocolli,almonds,peanuts,cod liver oil,lipids or fats,sunflower seeds,wheat germ and vegetable oils.

Acne Prevention and Vitamin K

Apart from its well known clotting effect and repair of damaged capillaries,Vit K fortifies the skin,diminishes bruising,accelerates healing,reduces fine lines and dark circles around the eyes.As a fat-soluble vitamin,it is available in 3 forms:phytomenadione,menaquinane and menadione which are all referred to as quinines.By regulating calcium metabolism,Vit k plays a significant role preventing heart and coronary artery disease and kidney stone prevention.

Sources :green beans,spinach,kale,brussel sprouts,asparagus,collard greens,okra,broccoli,liver,fish,sea weeds,lentils,alfalfa and nuts.Recommended daily dose :65-80micrograms/day.

Acne prevention and Zinc.

Zinc has been proven clinically to be effective in reducing acne severity.Zinc being a heavy metal aids in regulating oil gland activity,wound healing and prevents scarification.As an antioxidant,it bolsters the immunity while preventing damage from free radicals.Zinc`s activity in the body spans more than 300 enzymatic reactions but one key role is boosting the immune system by potentiating the integrity of T-killer cells.Zinc in conjuncton with other key nutrients play a significant role in hormonal balance,result in normalizing skin oil production which lies at the bed rock of acne pathogenesis.Due to the rarity of zinc in basic diet,it must be supplemented for optimum use by the body.Of recent certain elements like copper have been postulated to inhibit the mediatory role of zinc in enzymatic reactions.While this is still debatable,a lifestyle devoid of copper toxicity is surely commonsense.Hence,a daily dose of 50-100mg will suffice except where inhibitors of zinc co-exist.Acne-prevention vitamins have contributed much towards healthy skin.

Sources:sunflower seeds,whole grains,mushrooms,soy lecithins,egg yolk.


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