A beautiful skin is much more than skin deep despite microdermabrasion,laser resurfacing and lunch-time peels,but a beautiful skin is the result of a healthy toxin-free harmonised body which is dependent on a multitude of factors :

Facial wash and cleansing :

The following acne skin care tips have yielded positive results when practised.Wash your face twice a day (morning and night).A smooth facial wash with a sulphur-based soap without scrubbing,a mild facial cleanser can also help.Be cautious about astringents except for very oily skin.A natural skin toner like rose water is useful after cleansing.Almond oil is also a good cleanser.Overwashing the face may induce excess sebum secretion by the sebaceous glands,thereby increasing clogged pores.Steaming and “deep-cleaning”pores may prove beneficial in addition to medical treatment especially in those with comedones.

Avoid facial squeeze:

Facial acne can be complicated by abnormal facial handling like popping,picking,squeezing or rubbing the lesions because it aggravates facial acne and could result in scars or dark blotches. Additionally,scratching or rubbing the lesions increases sebum production.Consequently,ruptured membranes below the skin will cause infection and wider sebum spread and accumulation which is the ideal recipe for more acne.

Make up/Cosmetics :

Leaving makeup on your skin may result in clogging of pores eventually leading to more whiteheads and blackheads.However,blemishes can be hidden with flesh-tinted coverups or even foundation aslong as they are water based or oil-free (non comedogenic)

Acne skin care-Exfoliating:Ridding the skin of dead cells by exfoliating at least twice weekly facilitates skin renewal enabling better penetration by other medications .Exfoliating is not advisable in cases of tissue discontinuity or breakage.

Acne Skin Care-Dietary : Indulge in diets high in antioxidants,rich in fruits and vegetables,low in sodium,fats and cholesterol.Adopt the anti-anging diet known for their high antioxidant contents which neutralixe imminent cellular damage caused  by free radicals.Cellular physiology is enhanced in the presence of zinc,Vits A,E and C,flavonoids,selenium and carotenoids  commonly found in coloured in fruits like red,orange and yellow fruits and vegetables,onions,garlic.

Eat fibre-rich foods ;whole grains,root vegetables.lentils,beans.Plant sources of proteins are more nutrient-rich: soya,sprouted seed,beans and lentils..

Include high potency multivitamins:It is aimed at replenishing deficient minerals especially chromium which is essential for healing skin infections,weight loss and prevention of resurgence of acneiform eruptions.A healthy skin can result from consistently utilizing these acne skin care tips.