Acne and diet are significantly connected contrary to previously held beliefs disputing the influential role of diet on acne,a healthy diet provides the necessary `precursor`ingredients towards a healthy skin.While a direct link  between acne and certain food substances like chocolate,cookies,cakes,ice creams,french fries,soda pup and `junk food`is still hazy.

In pursuance of the link between acne treatment and diet,it has been observed that some individuals do develop allergic reactions and inflammation(like acne breakout) when they indulge in certain food types; probably a reflection of  their high caloric content.

Foods with saturated fats and trans fats especially animal products(dairy,meat,poultry) can contribute to oily skin.It is notable that high calorie intake may precipitate high hormone levels(like insulin,androgens),hence carbohydrates with high glycaemic index leading to hyperglyceamia and hyperinsulinaemia may contribute to acne development or compound acne treatment.Conversely,protein and carbohydrate-rich diets but with low glycaemic index modify acne breakouts.

Acne Healthy Diet:

Diet alone will not be the magic bullet for acne treatment,try incorporating more whole grains(wheat bread,oatmeal,brown rice,wheat pasta) into your diet with loads of vegetables.Ideally,coloured fruits with their high flavonoids and carotenoid contents are preferable(thier antioxidant properties reduce aging,fine lines and wrinkling).Limit highly processed foods,sugary snacks,soda and junk foods.

Diets that are vitamin-deficient,low in fibre,high in chemicals alter fatty acid metabolism,a precursor to acne breakout.Whlie diet alone will not cause acne, a diet low in fat  will produce a less oily skin.Bacteria,dirts,oil debri and contamination will provide the ideal recipe for acne develoment or worsen acne treatment but a healthy acne diet can ameliorate the effects.

Certain healthy fats like the omega 3 fatty acids found in Tuna,Mackerel and Salmon fish enhance a more supple and healthy skin.

There is strong scientific evidence that hormonal irregularities especially androgens with high insulin levels could contribute to acne breakouts.Since acne is significantly inflammatory,consumption of diets with inflammatory properties like omega-3 fats,fish oil could play a strong therapeutic role.Diets with low glycaemic levels such as vegatables,fruits,seafood can help normalize insulin levels