…..that you are what you eat is an incontrovertible truth,

should acne and diet be any different?……

In the U.S.,more than 80% of teenagers aged between 16 and 18 have acne while about 17 million Americans suffer from one form acne or its related disorders.Interestingly,native people who dwell essentially on natural traditional diets have little to no occurences of acne.Should this be considered as mere genetic advantage?,absolutely not.

Many have ascribed certain meals consumed to acne break outs. Though some authority are of the school of thought that there is no relation between food and acne. Another school of thought think it otherwise. What we feed on translates to our skin. A salad of skin type, genetic predisposition, hereditary factor, environment, food and life style interact to give the result we see on the outside which highlights the role of diet in acne prevention.

It is a known fact that the skin, though the largest organ of the body is the least to receive nutrient following distribution by the blood, which is even obtained by diffusion. Amongst other things, majorly, If we feed consistently on healthy diet the result is a well nourished and healthy skin, acne free.

The Acne-Diet Link

Sure,you may have a friend who indulges in chocolate,pizzas,sugars,fried foods and stays blemish-free.Though,the eatiological factors behind acne breakouts are multi-factorial,the link between acne and diet is not negligible.Hence,if you are predisposed to developing acne,diet can aggravate it.Clinical evidence proves that abuse of refined carbohydrates and sugars leads to a surge in Insulin and an insulin-like growth factor IGF-1.This proliferates the production of male hormones which in turn exacerbates more sebum production,the grease-like substance that encourages the growth of Propionebacterium acnes.Western diet is highly implicated in this socio-pathological superhighway.

While not advocating total vegetarianism,the human body can derive all its nutrients and enzymes required for digestion from nuts,seeds,fruits and vegetables in their natural state.Excessive cooking and frying of foods destroys many of the nutrients,vitamins,minerals and virtually all the enzymes.This overheating unfortunately leads to more production of acne-inducing,cell-destroying free radicals.

Acne Prevention Tips

I share with you today a few tips in achieving a healthy acne-free skin. First is raw milk, else fresh milk, milk that is unpasteurised. Milk in itself is a whole meal, a nutritionally complete food product and not just a drink and better still it is natural. Preferably is cow milk though goat milk is a good alternative, it has most of essential for a grown person. For some, propping up in their minds the possible fat content . in as much as fat is not encouraged certain amount of it is required for normal metabolisim energy and warmth, milk has this in the right quantity. However,milk must be consumed in moderation because of the strong  clinical suspicion that milk, especially cow milk contains over 58 different hormones which can trigger the hyper elaboration of hormones resulting in more acne.

However,the benefits of milk far outweigh the risks or lack of milk.A glass of milk with a serve of vegetable sandwitch at breakfast is an awesome example, in no time your skin is beautiful and glowing, did it not  ever occur to you that it is at childhood one had the most clean and glowing skin. Big thanks to breast milk.

A diet rich in antioxidants mops up the free radicals thereby aiding the proper digestion and absorption of vital nutrients required for cell longevity and elasticity.These antioxidants are generously found amongst flavonoids and carotenoids such as carrots,vitamins A,C,E and B-containing foods like berries,tomatoes,

A must not do is hydrogenated oil. Hydrogenated OIL AS THE NAME suggests is oil that has hydrogen added. It helps in its preservation, makes it appear creamy and smooth. However,not healthy for the body,it is a type of oil that can be found in use in many fried and packaged food products. It is also known as transfat. The problem with this is that it inhibits body consumption of good fat (HDL) And clogs the body that includes blood vessels which in turn reduces blood supply to the skin. The idea is to free the body from restricting waste and put in good food. When next you go to get groceries or any packaged food/snack check the ingredient list for hydrogenated fat.

Taking responsibility for over your body while adhering to adequate dietary principles along with looking at all the contributory factors to acne formation holistically will result in a much more long lasting enduring healthy skin that is acne-free.

Dr Andrew Okpetu and Dr Temitope Adara enjoin you to be proactive about an acne-free skin by indulging in nutritious and healthy meals .Enliven your options by clicking here