Certain lasers come with their own downtime. Dr. Jack adds: “With fractional laser treatments such as CO2 laser [fractional laser resurfaces the skin], downtime can be fairly extensive, with redness and sensitivity lasting up to a week post-treatment — sometimes with peeling and redness.” Dr. Jack is incredibly skilled and uses the highly esteemed Morpheus8 laser, which is more modern. “Treatments like these have inbuilt mechanisms, which reduce skin surface effects and cut down the period of downtime significantly, despite being deeper treatments,” he explains. “Usually after Morpheus8, the skin will be a little red and sensitive for a few hours post-treatment but by the next day this should have settled down. Sometimes the skin can be a little itchy and sensitive for a few days later but most patients will have recovered fully by day three or four. Occasionally a little bruising happens in certain areas, too.” Dr. Jack concludes that aftercare is pretty minimal. “Usually I advise no skincare products for the first day post-treatment and SPF if the skin is exposed, then it’s okay to use your skincare as normal on day three,” he says.