Nature by all intents and purposes have rightly been regarded as mankind`s “medicine cabinet” which has been explored to discover preventive and therapeutic natural acne remedies.

Over-the-counter acne medications come with unpleasant side effects and cost to some people.Some of these products can either slow the healing process or aggravate the condition from skin sensitivities.

The most important thing you can do for long term acne-free skin is listen to your body.An imbalance system results from diet and lifestyle.

Tea Tree Oil:

Terpinen-4-ol found in tea tree oil posses antiseptic and antibacterial properties that remove impurities from the skin.It hence removes Propionibacterium acnes the skin-dwelling microbe implicated in the aetiology of acne.

Sometimes,all the body requires is proper skin care and appropriate nutrition,hence natural acne remedies can just be as effective as medications.Small dabbing of tea tree oil can be applied to the pimple which works into pores and helps to rid blemishes of pore-clogging bacteria that precipitates acne vulgaris.Though small amount of tea tree oil is found in gels and moiturizers,undiluted tea tree oil may cause skin irritation,redness and itching.


The cut end garlic clove can be lightly rubbed onto blemishes and left for about five minutes which is the rinsed.The face can be washed with milk to neutralize any irritation arising from the garlic.Garlic works as an astringent which dries the skin thereby inhibiting bacterial growth by ridding the pores of impurites

Zinc :

Enriching the body with vitamins and minerals is required for healthy skin but even more so for patients with acne.Zinc whether orally or topically have proved efficacious in the treatment of acne and prevention of acnieform multiformes because of its antiinflammatory properties.Rich sources include pork,beef,chicken,peanuts and legumes.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera gel is derived from aloe vera plant which has been used for ages to treat sunburns,to heal damaged skin and other digestive problems.It has shown clear results to facilitate healing because of its inherent polysaccharides necessary for skin repair.Aloe vera will reduce the redness and swelling characteristic of acneiform multiformes in addition to cooling the skin.

Vitamin A:

This fat-soluble vitamin have successfully been used to treat severe acne in very doses of 300,ooo-500,000IU a day.It is absorbed in the presence of fat after which it is utilized for night vision,night blindness and aids hormone production.It maintains the integrity and functional status of mucous membranes,respiratory,alimentary and urinary tracts.It also helps in the growth of skin,teeth and bones while providing support against cold and flu.It is found in topical oitments to help with age spots,reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Large doses of Vitamin A used in the treatment of severe acne must be done the supervision of a Doctor because of the toxic effects.Excess amounts are stored in the body and not excreted like water-soluble vitamins hence its propensity for toxicity.

Many have had successfull results with the natural form of vitamin A(non-synthetic) in doses of 100,000,125,000 up to 300,000 to treat severe acne and for maintainance therapy in the form of beta-carotene.You must discontinue therapy if symptoms result.

Ideally,doses less than 100,000 a day are appropriate if taken in divided doses and more importantly it should be natural Vitamin A not in synthetic form like Accutane.

Doses of 10,000 to 20,000 have shown satisfactory results for general skin maintainance.

Food sources of Vitamin A include;animal liver,fish liver oil,apricot,watermelon,butternut squash,carrots,asparagus,broccoli,spinach,mangoes,cantaloupe,beet greens,pumpkins,sweet potatoes and other leafy green vegetables.Herbal sources include alfalfa,burdock root,cayenne,borage and chickweed.

Acne drugs like Accutane and Retin- A are derivatives of Vitamin A.

Andrew Okpetu