The history of natural skin care and antiaging skin care regimens dates back to the ancient times. Ancient Chinese women have been known to use dermatological products sourced from natural ingredients to make their skin look fresh and youthful. Since then many skin care experts have surfaced. Read the stories of some the experts at caring for the skin.

1. Cleopatra – She is technically not a skin expert but her skin care regimen has been legendary. This goddess from ancient Egypt has been known to bathe in milk to exfoliate her skin. Milk contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid that gently exfoliates skin. This skin care regimen is still in practice today.

2. Dr. Max Huber – Who knew that an aerospace physicist would be responsible for the world’s most coveted moisturizer Crème de La Mer? From the humble sea kelp, Dr. Huber was able to create skin care products that can hydrate and moisturize even the driest of skin.

3. Dr. Benjamin Green – Dr. Green is a physician from Miami, Florida and was believed to have made the first effective sunblock. The name he gave to his product was Red Vet Pet because of its red color. Later on he improved on this formula and marketed this life saving concoction as Coppertone. Sunblock should be included in any antiaging skin care routine to block the harmful rays of the sun which causes wrinkles to appear prematurely on the skin.

4. Drs Mattioli and Brutto – They introduced the first microdermabrasion machine in 1985. This machine uses brushes and gentle exfoliation techniques to exfoliate skin to reveal a more radiant complexion.

5. Dr. Alan Scott – In another story of accidental discovery, Dr. Alan Scott was an ophthalmologist looking for a way to cure an eye condition. He noticed that when he injected Botox into his patients, the fine lines around it became smoother. He sold his stake in Botox in 1990 for 8 million dollars. Botox now makes billions. He was quoted to have said:

“”I was a pretty good doctor and not a bad lab worker, but I was not a great business person!”

6. Dr. Patricia Wexler – She founded her own line of skin care products mostly focusing on antiaging. She has developed 2 unique products Niacyl which effectively hydrates skin and MMPi-20 which stops collagen breakdown in your skin.


Skin care experts warn about a new trend for sunburn art:
7. Dr. Howard Murad – He founded Murad Inc in 1989 to share his formulas that are dedicated to antiaging skin care. He is known as “The Father of Internal Skincare”.

8. Dr. Norman Orentreich – He created Clinique line of skin care products and was the first president of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

9. Dr. David Colbert – He is the author of a book that centers on connecting good nutrition with great skin. His skin care line “Daily Nutrition for Skin” provides nutrients and antioxidants to the skin to help tone and make skin more radiant. He believes that ”With the right products, the skin’s ability to self-heal is amazing!”

10. Dr. Ellen Marmur – She created the first Skin Cancer and Anti- Aging Biobank at Mount Sinai and is an expert at skin cancer and dermatology. She has also published a book that talks about sun protection and antiaging skin care.

Your health: Skin care group warns about ‘sunburn art’

Skin care experts warn about a new trend for “sunburn art,” pointing out that sunburns have been shown to greatly increase the risk of skin cancer. Thinkstock photo. Be careful of ‘sunburn art’. A dangerous new behavior is trending on social media
11. Dr. Zein Obagi – His product Obagi Nu-Derm was known to be one of the most effective products for hyperpigmentation, skin aging and sun damage for more than 20 years.

12. Dr. Rudolf Hauschka – he is responsible for creating cream bases that does not have synthetic and chemical emulsifiers together with Elisabeth Sigmund. These creams can be scented with essential oils

13. Anita Roddick – She was the founder of The Body Shop which offers a range of natural beauty and skin care line that promotes ethical consumerism and fair trade.

14. Jane D. Wurwand – She is the founder of Dermalogica which is a global brand that offers skin care products that are free of artificial colors and fragrances. She also founded a school that trains people in skin and body therapy.

15. Professor Paul Niehans – his work on cellular therapy has opened up the creation of the luxury antiaging skin care brand La Prairie.


Author: Andrew Okpetu

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